PacNEM - PacMan meets NEM

PacNEM - PacMan meets NEM

Earn cryptocurrency Tokens as a Player or as a Sponsor! PacNEM is an open source Multiplayer PacMan game using the NEM Blockchain featuring Instant Pay per View, Multiplayer Challenges and Achievements, Rewards Payouts and an Innovative way of using the NEM public ledger to Store Game Credits informations!

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If you wish to become a PacNEM Sponsor, please fill the form below with your Contact Details and our Team will come back to you. As a Sponsor, you will receive instant Mosaic Payouts whenever your Advertizement is being watched by Players using the Sponsored Play PacNEM Game Mode.The PacNEM Sponsor Engine lets Gaming Industry Sponsors Earn Money through Advertizing. Publishing Content on the PacNEM Sponsor Engine will go through a Compliance Process.

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This game was developed with Node.js,, Handlebars and nem and started as a fork of this project. This project aims to use nem in as many ways as possible in order for me to collect experience in the blockchain application development industry.

If you like the initiative, and for the sake of good mood, I recommend you take a few minutes to Donate a beer or Three [because belgians like that] by sending some XEM (or whatever Mosaic you think pays me a few beers someday!) to my XEM Wallet:


Following is a list of Links / References useful during Development of this project: